Donna Nook

Please Beware of fast incoming tides. Have a look at the tide time table link and note when the tide is on the turn and head back! At Donna Nook you are not allowed to walk out to the sea as this belongs to the Military. You can walk on the Dunes or the Coastal Paths.
If you want to walk out to the sea the next village down is Saltfleet and there you can walk to the sea from Sea Lane. The Sea looks miles out, but this is deceiving it is about a 10 minute walk.

Donna Nook is where probably one of the biggest seal colony come in from end of October and leave by the first week in January. Last year there were 1,875 seal pups born. There really are thousands of them! They are so close up within feet away!. The seals are monitored by wardens 24 hours a day during pupping season. When it is pupping season dogs are  allowed on the part of the beach where the seals are.
Grab your camera you will get some amazing photos! If you are very lucky you may even get to see a seal pup being born. Although birthing tends to be when public are not around. 

The seals are here all year round along this part of the coast but when it is not pupping season they are out at sea or on the banks. At night if the wind is coming from the sea you can hear them!

A baby seal a few feet away from where I took this photo

Thousands of seals! too many to capture on camera

Not only do we have lots of wild life including wild deer, so many migrating birds…… Wild life is abundant 

We never know what planes or helicopters will be practising at Donna Nook but we have had Red Arrows and of course the loud big fighter planes etc. If you are in the area and hear the planes grab your camera and head for Donna Nook

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